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30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 6 – Favorite Tag Team

when Hall wasn't a raging alcoholic and when Nash's hair wasn't as gray as concrete

The two were real-life friends, and that friendship made its way to the ring in WCW. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, the Outsiders, laid the foundation for the New World Order. Hogan was the big name of the group. These two guys did the grunt work. The six-time WCW tag champs were loved by fans even though the duo wrestled as heels. Some nights on Nitro and on pay-per-views you could hear the crowd chant “Diesel, Diesel, Diesel” for Nash and “Razor, Razor, Razor” for Hall, paying slight tribute to their respective tenures in the WWF. The two reformed in WWE after WCW failed and had a brief run in TNA. Nash is considered one of the greatest world champions, and Hall is considered one of the best who has never won a world championship. If only he could get his life together…

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