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Funny Friday – Double Feature

I know these videos have been online for a while, but I laugh every time I watch them. Classic videos are ones you can watch multiple times and laugh like it was the first time. Sit back and enjoy as I give you a two-for-one special. I’m feeling generous.

Funny Friday – Antoine Dodson

I know the videos have been on the web for a little over a week, but these are classics of epic proportions. You heard it here first: Antoine Dodson will be on VH1 by this time next year.

…and part 2…

Throwback Thursday – Nappy Roots

Who remembers why this song was so hot when it came out??? I really don’t. But it was a hit from way back when.

Funny Friday – Rack ‘Em Willie

Willie, the funniest homeless person I ever met.

Doritos Commercial