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About Me

I am reintroducing myself to the blog world, making the jump from blogger to wordpress. This time, I’m going to let the readers get to know me a little bit better (from a sports sense, that is) rather than reading a few sentences trapped in an “about me” section. I’m going to pick at the deepest regions of my brain to help you, the reader, understand my thought process better when it comes to sports. So with all that non-logical BS I just said, welcome to my sports world, the Sports Domain!!!!

If it’s not painstakingly obvious from the color scheme of this blog, I am a die-hard Mississippi State Bulldog fan, two months away from being considered a member of our esteemed alumni. Secondly, I have pride in the SEC in non-conference play in any sport (except Ole Miss, unless they’re in a bowl game winning money for us. Other than that, the Rebels can kick rocks). Outside of Bulldog and SEC affiliations, I like Miami Hurricanes football and Tar Heel basketball. My first memory of college sports action…I remember watching the 1993 Sugar Bowl between Alabama and Miami. I, not knowing anything about SEC dominance at the time was the only one in the room saying Miami would win. And of course by the end of the game, in typical kid fashion I didn’t stand behind my pick. I was. My first (recallable) college basketball memory was watching North Carolina and seeing Eric Montross. How I still remember that and why him, I don’t know. It is what it is.

On to the professional sports, starting with football. I am a Miami Dolphin fan. I became a fan when they drafted J.J. (James) Johnson out of Mississippi State in 1999. I know that’s not a logical reason to like a football team, but I grew out of liking the Dallas Cowboys because they stopped winning when it mattered. I still like them a little, but I don’t see any success for them as long as Tony Romo is quarterback and Roy Williams is their so-called number one receiver. I also try to follow any MSU players that are in the league now.

My first (recalled) NBA memory was playing Bulls v. Blazers on the Super Nintendo. In reality, I do remember staying up to watch the triple-overtime game between the Suns and Bulls from the 93 NBA Finals. I was, and still am a Chicago Bulls fan, but my favorite team is the Indiana Pacers. I’ve always been a Reggie Miller fan, and I remember where I was when I first heard about Ron Artest going into the stands at The Palace. I was at Fort Rucker, getting ready to go to a Troy (then Troy State) football game, then CNN showed the footage. I was like “damn, we were a missed goaltending call (Tayshaun Prince, yes I’m talking about you) away from going to the NBA Finals a year ago and you do this, Ron?” I was a Sacramento Kings fan before they had to implode that team. They should have a championship ring, but the officials wanted to say otherwise (2002 Western Conference Finals, the worst officiating job ever).

And now, America’s favorite pastime, the great game of baseball. My favorite team is the Atlanta Braves, and I vividly remember them losing all those damn World Series in the early 90’s. They finally got to the promised land in 95, and those damn Yankees beat us in 96 and 98. I became a Boston Red Sox fan out of my pure disdain and hatred of the Yankees. And damn Grady Little for leaving Pedro in the game in the ninth of game 7 of the 03 ALCS.

Other sports tidbits: I’m…..

  • For a college football playoff (4 teams only, please)
  • Against the play-in game in the NCAA basketball tournament
  • Against home-field advantage being decided in the All-Star game
  • For U.S. national team soccer
  • For Mike Tyson in a fight versus Muhammad Ali
  • For professional wrestling (WWE in particular)
  • Against a seven-game first round series in the NBA playoffs
  • For Al Davis stepping down from the Raiders, his ship has sailed

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