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30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 10 – Least Favorite Male Wrestler

If not for Eddie Guerrero's death, Rey would not have been a two-time world champion

I can only take so much ofΒ  “the little dog in the fight.” Rey is only a marketing machine geared towards the children and the Latin audience. Wrestlers are hyped as being able to do superhuman stunts. Rey Mysterio is 5-foot-10, 185 soak and wet. He should not be able to do some of the “superhuman” feats most athletes bigger than him can do. He hasn’t been pushed down my throat how John Cena has, but I’d much rather see Rey lose for a while. I got my wish πŸ™‚

30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 9 – Least Favorite Female Wrestler

A waste of space on the WWE roster

Being eye candy is not enough for me. You have to know how to wrestle, and these two don’t at all. That is why I can’t get behind the divas all the way. There is not enough substance. Being pretty is not enough, and I don’t find these two overly attractive to begin with.

30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 8 – Favorite Angle

So much real-life hatred between these two, glad they decided to make peace, even if it was over 12 years later.

The angle that changed the fortunes of WWF forever. If not for the infamous Montreal Screwjob, there would not have been a Mr. McMahon. DX would not have gotten over like they did. It was a shame that Vince didn’t trust Bret enough to have Hart retain the title in Canada and forfeit the title the next night.

30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 7 – Favorite Stable

I hate that WWE decided to pull the plug on Legacy. They were gold...without the "gold."

Before he became known exclusively as “the Viper.” Before he became known as “dashing.” Before he became known as “the Fortunate Son.” Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were collectively known as Legacy. I was really hoping that either Rhodes or DiBiase would have gotten an Intercontinental title shot while the belt was on RAW. It seemed as if the only person with championship aspirations was Orton. He captured the WWE championship three times during Legacy’s existence in addition to his Royal Rumble win in 2009. I truly believe Legacy was destined for great things, but WWE decided to break them up.

30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 6 – Favorite Tag Team

when Hall wasn't a raging alcoholic and when Nash's hair wasn't as gray as concrete

The two were real-life friends, and that friendship made its way to the ring in WCW. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, the Outsiders, laid the foundation for the New World Order. Hogan was the big name of the group. These two guys did the grunt work. The six-time WCW tag champs were loved by fans even though the duo wrestled as heels. Some nights on Nitro and on pay-per-views you could hear the crowd chant “Diesel, Diesel, Diesel” for Nash and “Razor, Razor, Razor” for Hall, paying slight tribute to their respective tenures in the WWF. The two reformed in WWE after WCW failed and had a brief run in TNA. Nash is considered one of the greatest world champions, and Hall is considered one of the best who has never won a world championship. If only he could get his life together…

30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 5 – Favorite Promotion

Yes, I'm living in the past. If you watched wrestling during the Attitude Era, you would live in the past too.

As if this choice would not be obvious. TNA stands for Total Nonstop Action, but it should stand for Terrible, Narcissistic Asinine Wrestling. As long as TNA tries to be a cheap rip-off of WWE, I will continue to be a WWE fan, while not giving TNA much thought. TNA has a pretty impressive roster under age 35. Some of the older guys need to step back and hand the reigns over. WWE has the same problem, but it’s not as bad as TNA.

30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 4 – Favorite Theme Music

I simply cannot choose one song that is head-and-shoulders above the rest. So enjoy your pick of the litter

CM Punk – “This Fire Burns”
Randy Orton – “Voices”
MVP – “I’m Comin”
Drew McIntyre – “Broken Dreams”
The Nexus – “We Are One”

30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 3 – Favorite Male Wrestler

The most electrifying move in sports entertainment...

IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO MY FAVORITE MALE WRESTLER IS!!! The Rock was THE man in WWF/E during his time there. It didn’t start that way. Fans really resented the whole Rocky Maivia persona and “Die, Rocky, Die” chants filled arenas. An injury was a blessing in disguise. He turned heel, and the rest was history. Rocky Maivia transformed intoΒ  The Rock. One of the best to ever do it on the mic, his promos are littered on youtube. He innovated the People’s Elbow, which is now copied by many others today (5-knuckle shuffle, the Ballin Elbow). He was extremely athletic. He wasn’t the greatest technical wrestler, but he damn sure knew how to sell a Stone Cold Stunner…

Favorite Male Wrestlers today: Randy Orton, MVP, Kofi Kingston, Ted Dibiase, Cody Rhodes, Waay Barruh (Wade Barrett)

Favorite Male Wrestlers all-time: Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Razor Ramon, Mr. Perfect

30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 2 – Favorite Female Wrestler

The Glamazon

I have a simple criteria to be my favorite female wrestle. You have to actually wrestle. Just simply being eye candy does nothing for me. Believe it or not, men like women that can wrestle. Wrestling women is not something WWE can say they have a lot of.Β  Beth Phoenix is one of the few that has a nice look and can get it done in the squared circle. I prefer the heel Beth Phoenix over the face Beth Phoenix, but now that she is sidelined with an injury, I’d take any Beth when she comes back.

Favorite female wrestlers today: Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Melina

Favorite female wrestlers all-time: Trish Stratus

30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 1 – Favorite Wrestler Growing Up

HBK splashed onto superstardom at Wrestlemania X with the epic ladder match with Razor Ramon

Way back when, there was a time that I thought wrestling was real. The Internet was relatively new and not as accessible as it is now. Wrestling dominated only one night of the week, and my only exposure to wrestling came every Monday.Β  I had seen some early WCW wrestling before I got into it full-time. I shifted my attention to the WWF shortly after Wrestlemania 12. The man on top at the time was Shawn Michaels. He was champion, and by default, that means I had to like him (me being the naive kid I was at the time). WCW was prepping its monopoly over the wrestling industry with the nWo storyline, yet HBK managed to keep the WWF mildly relevant until the emergence of stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. He was the pioneer of modern wrestling. He participated in the first four ladder matches and the first Hell in a Cell match.Β  He had charisma rivaled only by all-time greats Ric Flair, Rock and Austin. As a superb in-ring performer, he could wrestle with a turtle and still make it look great. The complete package, he earned the title of Mr. Wrestlemania.

30 Day Wrestling Challenge

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