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30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 8 – Favorite Angle

So much real-life hatred between these two, glad they decided to make peace, even if it was over 12 years later.

The angle that changed the fortunes of WWF forever. If not for the infamous Montreal Screwjob, there would not have been a Mr. McMahon. DX would not have gotten over like they did. It was a shame that Vince didn’t trust Bret enough to have Hart retain the title in Canada and forfeit the title the next night.

30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 1 – Favorite Wrestler Growing Up

HBK splashed onto superstardom at Wrestlemania X with the epic ladder match with Razor Ramon

Way back when, there was a time that I thought wrestling was real. The Internet was relatively new and not as accessible as it is now. Wrestling dominated only one night of the week, and my only exposure to wrestling came every Monday.  I had seen some early WCW wrestling before I got into it full-time. I shifted my attention to the WWF shortly after Wrestlemania 12. The man on top at the time was Shawn Michaels. He was champion, and by default, that means I had to like him (me being the naive kid I was at the time). WCW was prepping its monopoly over the wrestling industry with the nWo storyline, yet HBK managed to keep the WWF mildly relevant until the emergence of stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. He was the pioneer of modern wrestling. He participated in the first four ladder matches and the first Hell in a Cell match.  He had charisma rivaled only by all-time greats Ric Flair, Rock and Austin. As a superb in-ring performer, he could wrestle with a turtle and still make it look great. The complete package, he earned the title of Mr. Wrestlemania.