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Quick Shots

Quick Shots

Chargers Release LT – His days as a productive no. 1 running back are over. As much as I would hate this move (I’m a Dolphin fan), he could take a pay cut and sign with the Patriots. They always seem to take aging backs and use them well. Look at Corey Dillon, Antowain Smith and now Kevin Faulk. They are not Pro-Bowl caliber, but New England knows how to maximize their players’ strengths while minimizing their weaknesses.

Jose Canseco still wants to fight this guy? Herschel still looks like he can win another Heisman

Eagles Release Westbrook – He served his purpose in Andy Reid’s pass-happy offense, but injuries are starting to mount. Plus, it is time for Philly to commit to running the ball between the tackles again to make things easier for whoever the team decides to keep as their quarterback.

Canseco still wants to fight Herschel – I simply do not think Jose gets it. He may be doing MMA as a celebrity stunt, but Herschel Walker is dead serious out being a legitimate fighter. That reason alone proves why Canseco should fear for his life if he were to get in the ring with Herschel.

Ole Miss looking for new mascot – …who cares? GTHOM!!! 41-27, 80-75, 71-63