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30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 7 – Favorite Stable

I hate that WWE decided to pull the plug on Legacy. They were gold...without the "gold."

Before he became known exclusively as “the Viper.” Before he became known as “dashing.” Before he became known as “the Fortunate Son.” Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were collectively known as Legacy. I was really hoping that either Rhodes or DiBiase would have gotten an Intercontinental title shot while the belt was on RAW. It seemed as if the only person with championship aspirations was Orton. He captured the WWE championship three times during Legacy’s existence in addition to his Royal Rumble win in 2009. I truly believe Legacy was destined for great things, but WWE decided to break them up.

30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 4 – Favorite Theme Music

I simply cannot choose one song that is head-and-shoulders above the rest. So enjoy your pick of the litter

CM Punk – “This Fire Burns”
Randy Orton – “Voices”
MVP – “I’m Comin”
Drew McIntyre – “Broken Dreams”
The Nexus – “We Are One”