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Funny Friday – Leeroy Jenkins

I had to do two funny Friday posts for today. This one is a classic reminder of your friends that took gaming a bit TOO serious.

Funny Friday – Hardest Mario Bros. Level Ever

After watching this at least 50 times, it’s still as funny as the first time I saw it. Down right hilarious!!!

Throwback Thursday – JT Money

JT Money???? Who dat???? A good hit from back in the day, but with no substance, you have no staying power in the rap game. Perfect evidence

Funny Friday – Jones BBQ and Foot Massage

I don’t know if I would want to eat there or get my feet rubbed, LOL!!!

Throwback Thursday – Nappy Roots

Who remembers why this song was so hot when it came out??? I really don’t. But it was a hit from way back when.

Funny Friday – Rack ‘Em Willie

Willie, the funniest homeless person I ever met.

Doritos Commercial