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Throwback Thursday – Nate Dogg

Nate Dogg had one of the most unique voices in the music industry. If you needed a catchy hook on a song, you enlisted the services of Nate Dogg. Hook experts like T-Pain and Akon can’t hold a candle to what Nate brought to a track. Rest in Peace Nathaniel Hale.

SEC Tourney Preview, Mississippi State Style

Mississippi State did exactly what it needed to do: survive the SEC schedule and earn a first-round bye in this week’s SEC Tournament. That result is not good enough for some as MSU was chosen in the preseason to win the SEC West. That prediction was made based on the potential of this year’s squad. Would Renardo Sidney play like the McDonald’s All-American he was in high school? How would the team perform when Dee Bost returned from suspension? When it was all said and done, MSU finished 9-7 in conference, three games behind division winner Alabama. MSU played to its potential at times but also underperformed at critical moments this year. Losses to SEC West cellar dwellers Auburn and LSU put a sour taste in the mouths of the Bulldog faithful. However, the Bulldogs responded with wins against SEC champion Florida and won at Thompson-Boling Arena against Tennessee in Jack Cristil’s last radio broadcast as the voice of Mississippi State athletics. A lot of people are critical of Rick Stansbury when it comes to coaching, but he seems to shine during the SEC Tournament. As head coach, he has two championship trophies and two more finals appearances since taking over from Richard Williams in 1998. If history happens to repeat itself, MSU won’t win its quarterfinal game against the LSU/Vanderbilt winner. In 2002, MSU won the tourney, lost in the finals in 2003 and was bounced in the quarterfinals (with a first-round bye) in 2004. MSU won the tourney in 2009 and lost in the finals last season. However, the field could not have shaped up any better for the Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs play its first game Friday against the LSU/Vanderbilt winner. MSU split the season series with the Tigers, but one bounce here and there could have turned the two matchups into sweeps in either team’s favor. MSU lost its only meeting with the Commodores this year, but was very much in the game. They made some crucial mistakes in the final minutes and let a winnable game slip from their fingers. Last year MSU proved that they could lose to Vandy mid-season and beat them when it matters most: in the SEC Tourney. It seems like a possibility again this season.

On the other half of MSU’s bracket sit three reams that MSU is a combined 4-0 this season. The Bulldogs swept the Razorbacks, defeated Tennessee on the road and upset the ranked Gators in Starkville. If the Bulldogs can play up to their full potential and get Sidney plenty of rest, MSU can cruise into the finals for a third straight year. Will it be that easy? Of course not, MSU has made the incredibly easy look impossible in athletics since 1878. But working in MSU’s favor is two seniors who have been on the wrong side of Stansbury. However, they have learned from the error of their ways and embraced their roles on the team. The result is Kodi Augustus averaging career-highs in points and rebounds and a rejuvenated Ravern Johnson after his suspension and benching. The national media (Andy Katz and Pat Forde in particular) may not like how Rick has handled this season, but he’s done wonders with the hand he was dealt and has his team in position to win two SEC Tourney titles in three years. The ride to this position has not been a smooth one, but the roads have settled. Stansbury and crew seem to make magic every SEC Tournament, and this year’s field is set for MSU to make more magic.

Throwback Thursday – Nas

I am not the biggest Nas fan, but he has been a mainstay in the rap game for a reason. He is one of the best ever lyrically, and he does not use a lot of features on his albums. This song here is the exception. He and Lauren Hill create one of rap’s greatest collabos with “If I Ruled the World.”

Funny Friday – Double Feature

I know these videos have been online for a while, but I laugh every time I watch them. Classic videos are ones you can watch multiple times and laugh like it was the first time. Sit back and enjoy as I give you a two-for-one special. I’m feeling generous.

Throwback Thursday – Ice Cube

We are still patiently waiting for Detox to drop. So, in the meantime, here is some Ice Cube for you. Dre drops a hot verse on this one.

Throwback Thursday – Big Tymers

Cash Money Records ran the rap game in the late 90’s and the early part of the 21st century. The Big Tymers ware a large part of that.

Throwback Thursday – Lil Troy

I used to be on that free lunch like crazy when I was a kid. It’s a shame Lil Troy had to mess up his friend he used to go to free lunch with.

Throwback Thursday – Soul 4 Real

It’s hard enough trying to find one singer in a family. But four?? Soul 4 Real had a brief…and I mean brief…run in the early-to-mid 90’s.

2010 in review

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MSU Not Over the Hump Just Yet September 2010

Throwback Thursday – Dr. Dre

Still waiting for Detox to drop. In the meantime, here is some classic Dre material.

College Football Pick ‘Em – Week 3

Top 25
Maryland @ (21) West Virginia – WEST VIRGINIA
Kent State @ (22) Penn State – PENN STATE
Ohio @ (2) Ohio State – OHIO STATE
Massachusetts @ (20) Michigan – MICHIGAN
Air Force @ (7) Oklahoma – OKLAHOMA
Arizona State @ (11) Wisconsin – WISCONSIN
(18) USC @ Minnesota – USC
(8) Nebraska @ Washington – NEBRASKA
Baylor @ (4) TCU – TCU
Louisville @ (25) Oregon State – OREGON STATE
Portland State @ (5) Oregon – OREGON
(14) Utah @ New Mexico – UTAH
(3) Boise State @ Wyoming – BOISE STATE
(6) Texas @ Texas Tech – TEXAS
(23) Houston @ UCLA – HOUSTON
(9) Iowa @ (24) Arizona – IOWA
Wake Forest @ (19) Stanford – STANFORD

(12) Arkansas @ Georgia – ARKANSAS
Vanderbilt @ Ole Miss – OLE MISS
(1) Alabama @ Duke – DUKE…..wait did I say that? Nah, ALABMA in a rout
(10) Florida @ Tennessee – TENNESSEE
Furman @ (13) South Carolina – SOUTH CAROLINA
Mississippi State @ (15) LSU – LSU
Akron @ Kentucky – KENTUCKY
Clemson @ (16) Auburn – AUBURN

NFL Pick ‘Em – Week 2

Arizona showed they are not the same team without Kurt Warner, struggling against a young St. Louis Rams. Atlanta had Pittsburgh beat before falling in overtime. Falcons get the win at home.

Baltimore had a relatively easy Monday night, facing a Mark Sanchez afraid to throw down field. Cincy will look to take advantage of the Ravens depleted secondary. TOCHO gets their first win of the 2010 season. Lewis, Owens, and Ochocinco have a lot in common: T.O. committing copyright infringement and Lewis destroying Ocho.

I don’t know what would possess Cleveland to sign Jake Delhomme. He’s not the consistent QB he used to be. The Chiefs should control this game after an impressive showing against San Diego.

Dallas looks like a team struggling to find its identity. That is not a good thing if they want to be the first team to host a Super Bowl. Many people feel that Chicago should not have beaten Detroit. The Bears need a statement game, and this game is not it. Dallas wins.

Both teams have issues at quarterback. If it were Kevin Kolb vs. Matthew Stafford, I would be tempted to go with the Lions. But it is Michael Vick vs. Shaun Hill. Vick will use his mobility to steer clear of Ndamukong Suh. Barring any questionable play calling from Andy Reid, Philly should win this one.

Buffalo loses this game by default. You don’t take a safety and expect to onside kick the safety punt. Don’t you know that you can fair catch a safety punt? Chan Gailey is already on the hot seat, in my opinion, for that call.

Vince Young and the Titans looked great week one. Granted, it was the Oakland Raiders. Troy Polamalu will wreak havoc, but Vince will figure out a way to outscore the Steelers dialed-down offense.

Do I go with my favorite team, or do I use my better judgment and pick the favored team? Miami is still a work in progress. Chad Henne is still developing as a QB. As long as he doesn’t stare down Brandon Marshall, Henne should avoid major trouble. However, Minnesota is still the better team and should win.

The Panthers gave the Giants their best shot, but turnovers squandered any chance of a season-opening victory. Tampa Bay should provide easier competition and a win. Matt Moore’s play should resemble what we saw late last season and not what we saw last week.

This game is the team that should have lost at the team that should have won. The Tebow magic did not work against the Jaguars. Seattle’s win over San Francisco proved that no one really wants to win the NFC West. Denver has better overall talent, so the Broncos should win.

Do we have to watch this game? With the way Oakland performed against Tennessee, I would not be surprised if Sam Bradford led his team to victory. Cleveland/Detroit from last season and Cleveland/Tampa Bay from last week proved to us that two bad teams can put on a somewhat entertaining game. Jason Campbell wins one as a Raider.

If this were college, the NY Jets would not be playing for their national championship. Ray Lewis rang Dustin Keller’s bell HARD. That’s why Keller ran out of bounds six inches short of the first down marker. Rex Ryan can dial up blitzes on Tom Brady if he wants to, but Brady will burn that Jets defense. Darrelle Revis can shut down Randy Moss, but Wes Welker will run routes around Antonio Cromartie. Even with a young Patriot defense, I don’t have enough faith in Mark Sanchez to win this game.

San Diego missed Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNiell Monday night. In a game the Chargers should have won easily, San Diego played unmotivated and let a cheap win get away. San Diego is the clear favorite in the AFC West and will play like it against the team of two-named players.

Houston got one monkey off its back in beating the Indianapolis Colts for only the second time in 17 attempts. It is imperative they keep the momentum going. Washington played a sloppy game but scored a victory because Alex Barron wanted to put Brian Orakpo in a headlock as time expired. Donovan McNabb is still trying to figure out the talent around him. Houston’s offense will be firing on all cylinders this week.

This is little brother vs. big brother. Big brother usually gets the better of little brother. I hope the Giants took notes on how to beat the Colts: run early and run often. Keep Peyton Manning off the field, and get an early lead. If the Giants can do all that, they will be poised for a victory, however they will not win. Peyton Manning and the Colts rarely start 0-2, and it won’t happen this year.

Mike Singletary is looking for a better performance from his team. It will not come this week. New Orleans prayed to the scheduling gods, and their prayers were answered. Getting 10 days off is the closest thing to a bye week in the NFL. The Saints will be rested and ready to get after Alex Smith. The 49ers defense is good, but not good enough to slow down Drew Brees.

MSU Not Over the Hump Just Yet

Last Thursday Mississippi State showcased the progress it made under second-year head coach Dan Mullen. ESPN showed the world how far we had come. At the end of the game, it was us coming up short again. MSU football has not been able to get over the proverbial hump quite yet. Mullen has made impressive strides in a short amount of time. We are no longer an automatic conference win but are from being the perennial doormat. Despite two early turnovers, we still had a chance to win the game on a last second drive. Besides the dropped passes, there is a lot to be optimistic about.

In the first half, Cam Newton had his way with the MSU defense, outgaining the Bulldog offense by himself 146-125. Manny Diaz and staff made critical adjustments on the fly and held Newton to only 82 yards (22 of those receiving) in the second half. The MSU defense dictated when Newton would scramble. Even more importantly, after giving up 17 first-half points the defense shut out the potent Tiger offense. When it was time to make a stand late in the game, the defense came through on 3rd down and the ensuing blocked field goal.

MSU only committed two penalties for 25 yards: a personal foul that was a bit of acting on Auburn’s part and an illegal block. The two penalties are a far cry from the 5.6 penalties per game MSU averaged a season ago. To date, MSU is only averaging 2.5 penalties and 27.5 penalty yards per game. Dan Mullen wants his team to give “relentless effort,” and his team is giving that effort while playing disciplined football.

In years past, when MSU would go down by a double-digit deficit, we would fold when given the opportunity to make a comeback. We lacked the offensive firepower to score points in a short period of time, and the defense would eventually break from being on the field too long. With Mullen learning the spread offense from Urban Meyer, the Bulldog offense has the ability to march up the field gaining huge chunks of yards at a time. Coupled with Diaz’s high-risk, high-reward defense, MSU can put points on the board in a hurry.

There are still some minor details we need to work on to become more consistent. We have been here before: where the MSU fan base thinks we are ready to make the leap into the next tier of SEC schools. When we get there, we usually take two steps in the wrong direction. If not this season, next season will definitely be the year MSU causes major hell for the other teams in the conference. That is the beauty of playing in the best conference in the country: every week is a chance to score a major upset and get the momentum that can carry you through the rest of the season.

A College Football Playoff is Needed…More Than Ever

College football is such a beautiful thing. Will a playoff be able to save it?

College football is the damsel in distress tied to the railroad tracks of the BCS. The college football playoff is the superhero, but will he get here in time to save college football? The 2010 college football season will prove why a playoff is absolutely needed. Those against a playoff say that it diminishes the value of the regular season. I could not disagree more. If anything, a playoff would make the regular season more important and more compelling.

Look at this weekend’s match-ups. Miami goes to the Horseshoe to play Ohio State, and Penn State plays Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Of those four teams, three of them have national championship game on their radar: OSU, Alabama and Miami. Penn State would have to beat Alabama this weekend and beat Ohio State for a shot at the title game. Not to mention, Virginia Tech had its national title dreams dashed on Labor Day when Boise State knocked them off. With games of this magnitude so early in the year, national championship dreams die quickly. Lose one game, and you have to do a lot of scoreboard watching late in the year to see who falters in conference play. If you are Boise State or TCU and you lose one game, your title dreams go up in smoke. If you lose two games, you might as well pack it in and plan for next year’s title run. Only one two-loss team has ever made it to the BCS national title game: LSU in 2007. With a playoff, Virginia Tech has a shot at the national title. With a playoff, your title dreams are not dead if you lose early in the season. Even if you lose late the year, you still have a shot at the title game in a playoff.

People rip Boise State because they don’t play anyone. No one wants to schedule them and rightfully so. They just beat Virginia Tech in FedEx Field, which is basically a road game for the Broncos. Is it their fault they’re in the WAC? Conference affiliation is beyond their control. “They wouldn’t go undefeated in the SEC, the ACC, or Pac-10.” Boise State is not in any of those conferences. That argument is irrelevant. All Boise State has to do is win the 12 games on their schedule. For those that say Boise St. would not fare as well in a power conference, a playoff would put that argument to the test. I am in favor of a four-team playoff, but the best playoff scenario would have to field eight teams.

College football will never have a perfect system to determine a true national champion, but a playoff is better than the BCS considering the parity in college football.

Funny Friday – Watermelon to the Face….HARD!!!

I’m not a consistent watcher of “The Amazing Race,” but I might have to watch to catch this again. This woman takes a watermelon to the face extremely hard. The slow-motion clip of it looks like a head exploding with special effects. That had to hurt. It takes a bit of force to slice open a watermelon. So to see it splat over her face like that….damn.

NFL Pick ‘Em – Week 1

ESPN.com won’t bamboozle me. These picks are straight up. No spread or anything

College Football Pick ‘Em – Week 2

Yahoo Sports hoodwinked me. I was bamboozled. I thought I was picking winners straight up. Instead, I was supposed to be picking by the spread. I got it now.

College Football Pick ‘Em – Week 1

Hopefully I will be able to update these weekly. Instead of typing in every pick, I’ve learned how to use the handy dandy print screen feature on the computer. This will make life a lot easier for me. So…with that said, here we go.

30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 10 – Least Favorite Male Wrestler

If not for Eddie Guerrero's death, Rey would not have been a two-time world champion

I can only take so much of  “the little dog in the fight.” Rey is only a marketing machine geared towards the children and the Latin audience. Wrestlers are hyped as being able to do superhuman stunts. Rey Mysterio is 5-foot-10, 185 soak and wet. He should not be able to do some of the “superhuman” feats most athletes bigger than him can do. He hasn’t been pushed down my throat how John Cena has, but I’d much rather see Rey lose for a while. I got my wish 🙂

30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 9 – Least Favorite Female Wrestler

A waste of space on the WWE roster

Being eye candy is not enough for me. You have to know how to wrestle, and these two don’t at all. That is why I can’t get behind the divas all the way. There is not enough substance. Being pretty is not enough, and I don’t find these two overly attractive to begin with.

30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 8 – Favorite Angle

So much real-life hatred between these two, glad they decided to make peace, even if it was over 12 years later.

The angle that changed the fortunes of WWF forever. If not for the infamous Montreal Screwjob, there would not have been a Mr. McMahon. DX would not have gotten over like they did. It was a shame that Vince didn’t trust Bret enough to have Hart retain the title in Canada and forfeit the title the next night.

30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 7 – Favorite Stable

I hate that WWE decided to pull the plug on Legacy. They were gold...without the "gold."

Before he became known exclusively as “the Viper.” Before he became known as “dashing.” Before he became known as “the Fortunate Son.” Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were collectively known as Legacy. I was really hoping that either Rhodes or DiBiase would have gotten an Intercontinental title shot while the belt was on RAW. It seemed as if the only person with championship aspirations was Orton. He captured the WWE championship three times during Legacy’s existence in addition to his Royal Rumble win in 2009. I truly believe Legacy was destined for great things, but WWE decided to break them up.

30 Day Wrestling Challenge – Day 6 – Favorite Tag Team

when Hall wasn't a raging alcoholic and when Nash's hair wasn't as gray as concrete

The two were real-life friends, and that friendship made its way to the ring in WCW. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, the Outsiders, laid the foundation for the New World Order. Hogan was the big name of the group. These two guys did the grunt work. The six-time WCW tag champs were loved by fans even though the duo wrestled as heels. Some nights on Nitro and on pay-per-views you could hear the crowd chant “Diesel, Diesel, Diesel” for Nash and “Razor, Razor, Razor” for Hall, paying slight tribute to their respective tenures in the WWF. The two reformed in WWE after WCW failed and had a brief run in TNA. Nash is considered one of the greatest world champions, and Hall is considered one of the best who has never won a world championship. If only he could get his life together…

Funny Friday – Antoine Dodson

I know the videos have been on the web for a little over a week, but these are classics of epic proportions. You heard it here first: Antoine Dodson will be on VH1 by this time next year.

…and part 2…