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Are the Rams Overthinking the Draft Process?

The St. Louis Rams are completely over-thinking the draft process this year. The Rams have the first-overall pick in this year’s draft and are largely undecided on who to draft. Initial mock drafts after the regular season had them going with the best-available player, Nebraska DT Ndamukong Suh. As time progressed, Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford worked his way back to the top of the mock draft. The Rams would be making a Sam Bowie-esque pick if they were to go with Bradford.

I understand the Rams have a dire need for a quarterback and drafted defensive linemen with two of their last three first-round draft picks (Adam Carriker, 2007 and Chris Long, 2008). Just because you’ve drafted that position with a high frequency in recent years does not mean you should pass up on a can’t-miss prospect like Suh. The Detroit Lions drafted wide receivers with three of four first-round picks before 2007 (Charles Rogers, 2003; Roy Williams, 2004 and Mike Williams, 2005). Matt Millen would have been an absolute fool to pass on Calvin Williams in the 2007 draft. The moral of this story is to not let past draft errors lead you to pass on can’t-miss prospects.

The Philadelphia Eagles are openly shopping Donovan McNabb and are only asking for a draft pick 42 or better. The Rams have the first-overall pick and the first pick in the second round. Why the Rams are not going after a six-time Pro-Bowl QB is beyond me. I know the money logistics are probably not possible, but the Rams should be able to do something with no salary cap heading into the 2010 season. If they trade for McNabb, they address their need for a QB and still have the first-overall pick to draft Suh. I do not doubt Sam Bradford’s potential as a serviceable NFL quarterback. I believe Suh will have the bigger impact from week one of the regular season and have a better career.

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